My Neighborhood

Thought I would share my view of my neighborhood. Like most urban neighborhoods that have been around for a 100 years or more there is a lot of variation in housing stock and a mix of residential and commercial zoning. We have properties that have constantly been maintained one generation to the next and properties that have seen better days due to neglect. Rental properties, a few abandoned houses, houses tied up in estate battles, a few deteriorating buildings and some just waiting for the right owner to give it new life.

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We also have new houses, built by CHWC, about 40 of them built in my neighborhood alone. We have two Elementary Schools, one private and one public, and a High School. A local eatery and a gas station.  A beautiful church that rings the bells throughout the day reminding the faithful that it is time to give thanks. We have a diverse population of Angelo, Latino, African and Asian.The average house sells for around $80 – $90,000 dollars, has over 2,000 sq feet of floor space and is about 100 years old. Fifty-eight percent of the residents make $60,000 or less. Seventy-five percent have a High school education and about fourteen percent have a Bachelors Degree (our Wyandotte County average).

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Its a community that has struggles but it also has hope. It has a belief that we are all part of something bigger then ourselves. Something that draws us together, that makes us look in on a neighbor when we know they are ill, or reaches out when we hear someone is in need. A neighborhood that you can raise your children in knowing that there is always someone keeping an eye out. A neighborhood that comes together to celebrate holidays, birthdays, graduations and victories at the High School football field.

It is not a neighborhood without needs nor is it a neighborhood that is lacking – it is a neighborhood much like the one i grew up in. A neighborhood where people know one another. One where neighbors care about one another. Where kids are always welcomed, where the riches of friendship and love of family are shared and practiced. Where one can be themselves, be different and still be appreciated. It’s a place I call home.


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